Software by humans for humans.

Diskette does a lot of thinking and talking about software and how it can make life simpler and easier for everyone.

We are Diskette

As a team we are responsible for some really good things and have a track record of making things work for the better. We like to think that we are full of good ideas and at Diskette we are setting about proving it. We are creating the brightest, boldest, iconic, industry-changing companies of the future.

Work for
the better

We are uncovering new ways of bringing software products to market. By combining a dedicated software team with a unique idea validation process, our solutions efficiently address common problems in unique ways.

At Diskette, behavioural science informs everything we do. In order to react to the very latest societal changes, we collect a vast amount of data analysing human activity and interaction. When patterns of behaviour emerge, we apply principles of neuroscience and behavioural economics to develop software solutions that change things for the better.

We make software applications that tackle big ideas. No apps. No little things. Big stuff only.

Meet the team

Phil is a world-class sales professional with an expert eye for the customer experience and journey. Jon is an acknowledged software expert with a passion for great product and great design.

Together, their partnership has resulted in several rewarding startup exits and a trail of happy customers across the globe. They believe in the power of starting small and growing fast on a global scale.

Jon Davies and Phil Simmonds are the founders of Diskette. They are good at making software.

The Diskette team is full of clever people doing clever things.


These are the things we are making. Nothing makes us happier than people using our work to make life better.

  • Company
    Business / Management
    Launched & Profitable

    Wundamail is the simple, modern way to manage teams. By condensing group thinking into a single daily email, it delivers powerful behavioural change for teams of all shapes and sizes.

    Wundamail empowers leaders, supports team members, and makes things simpler for everyone.

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  • Company
    Business / Wellbeing
    Launched & Profitable

    With 41% of all absence from work linked to mental health issues (source: IOD), employee wellbeing is on a knife edge.

    Leafyard is a web application that combines science and study to motivate people to take control of their own mental health.

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  • Company
    Launched & Profitable

    Figala is a framework designed to invoke large scale behavioural change. Supported by extensive scientific data and loaded with behavioural triggers, the Figala framework has the power to transform learning, boost sales and change cultures within enterprises. Figala is simple to use and easy to integrate- it all works in your employee’s email inbox.

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We keep a video journal so we can remember what we have done. Life moves fast so it's good to take time to reflect.